Controlling the pulse of your business


Controlling bodyshop workflow

Controlling the pulse of your business

Efficient production is at the heart of every successful body shop. If shop floor efficiency is a concern, accurate information is key. Especially in the body shop business, information is everywhere, all the time. It is as fluid as paint and it changes by the minute. You may call this a dynamic environment, but it can also feel downright chaotic.

Understanding the complexities of today’s vehicles, coupled with meeting challenging consumer expectations and satisfying insurance partners’ expectations of cost containment are enough to keep the best repairers awake at night. Add to that the challenge of compressing the repair process into just a few days and you would probably welcome some assistance.

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controlling the pulse of your business.

AkzoNobel’s digital process control solution, improving communication and production efficiency.

  • Process Transparency
  • Robust Analytics
  • Empowerment & Engagement
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity

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in a nutshell

An intuitive and practical combination of software, hardware and services.

  • Access to workflow software from the cloud
  • Powerful production analysis dashboard
  • Extra large touch-screen monitor
  • Custom software configuration
  • Onsite set-up and training
  • Quarterly progress review

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How can it benefit your business?

Take control of the heartbeat of your business today with Carbeat™.

AkzoNobel is committed to assisting our customers in improving their businesses. It builds on centuries of developing and deploying products with ­unsurpassed quality and outstanding business related ­services. Carbeat™ is exclusively available to ­AkzoNobel customers. It follows the principles of AkzoNobel’s proprietary Process Centered Environment, a program initiated to increase bodyshop efficiency and growth.

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At the work floor level, Carbeat™ is a very intuitive and practical tool. It visually represents work in production using columns and colors to identify the status of a repair at a glance, quickly and easily guiding behavior in your shop. It is deployed on a large size touch screen on which tiles representing vehicles can be repositioned with the swipe of a finger. It enables real-time vehicle status information to be shared with interested parties inside and outside your business.

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for bodyshops and networks

Carbeat™ is AkzoNobel’s digital process control solution designed to improve communication and production efficiency for individual bodyshops and multi shop operators. We have centered the toolset around a cloud-based application that is simple and reliable.

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