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Visual Management

Improve efficiency through transparency.

Carbeat is a great enabler to a more productive and engaged workforce using the power of visual management.

Imagine your workplace staff meeting around a large digital planning board every morning. Discussing the jobs of the day ahead, priorities and bottlenecks, while looking at color coded repair cards with signaling buttons. Full transparency is achieved, also throughout the day, between the workplace, paint department and reception area, as everyone has an eye on the real-time status of all work in the bodyshop.

No longer does your staff need to ask questions on the statuses of vehicles, reducing needless communication by 50%. Also, you have the assurance that your team makes the right calls and prioritizes the right work, even if the workplace manager is not around.

In such a way, not only does productivity increase, on average by 10%, it also brings a feeling of empowerment to your team. Taking decisions on their own, your team will feel empowered and engaged to make a difference!

Empower your bodyshop with Carbeat

Empowerment & Engagement

It empowers employees on all levels to fully engage in the day-to-day flow of activities. They generally feel encouraged to take more responsibility, resulting in greater production throughput.

Process Transparency

Knowing the facts and eliminating uncertainty is a great remedy for unnecessary stress and frustration. This leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.


Carbeat was developed with simplicity in mind. This ensures employee acceptance, quick implementation, and low operating effort.

Reporting insights

Improve efficiency through data driven insights.

Carbeat is more than just a planning tool. Tracking all movements on the board, it is capable of generating many insightful reports.

Imagine your manual planning system in full use throughout the week, helping your team to manage repairs through the process. Now think of the vehicles finished and the board wiped clean after delivery. What data remains? How do you use this week’s learning, to improve the next? Carbeat's digital interface allows you to do just that. It saves all historical performance information and makes it available in easy to analyze reports, on key to key time, department performance, insurer and parts delivery interactions and much more.

Use these reports to get a real time insight in to the real time performance of your business. Benchmark your shop throughput time, against the region, or against your other outlets.

Count on our business consultants to give advice tailored to your situation, based on data generated by your own staff enabling you to make the difference!

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Because the system captures vehicle status at its source and has a powerful data visualization tool included, the technician will be able to identify improvement opportunities faster and with less effort and have confidence that the data is accurate.


Carbeat can be configured to individual shop circumstances. Through customized filters, individual shop color coding schemes and modifiable workflows this system can flex to meet your process. So you can maintain your way of working.

Insights guaranteed

Empowered and efficient employees and real time data gathering will make your business improve.
Our customers find that communication gains and process time improvement can be achieved using Carbeat's visual management techniques combined with data driven insights from the reporting module.

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