Carbeat v2.0 - Release Notes

As part of AkzoNobel’s commitment to providing services that enable body shop profitability, we are excited to announce the release of Carbeat version 2.0.

Version 2.0 enhancements are designed to improve scheduling and the flow of work leading to reduced cycle times and a more efficient administration process.

The following features will be available beginning Monday 18th September:
  1. New additional planning calendar - Enables scheduling with an appointment time
  2. New vehicle repair statuses - Reflects the different type of work requirements that need to be done
  3. Paint hours and body hours displayed on each column. (In addition to existing values - The hours reflect the totals in each departmental column
  4. Additions to the create list - Additional visibility of more vehicle details
  5. New linked jobs, multiple claims - Reflects the work associated with multiple repairs that have different payment methods
Should you have any questions related to this release, please contact us

Carbeat v1.5 - Release Notes

As part of AkzoNobel’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, Carbeat version 1.5 is available.

Version 1.5 includes enhancements to further improve Carbeat’s effectiveness at optimizing internal communications, cycle time, and managerial reporting while introducing new tools for highlighting and optimizing Accounts Receivable.

The following features deployed were:
  1. Updated Work Types field
  2. Characteristics icons
  3. Tasks icons
  4. Cycle Time Indicator
  5. Total # of orders, total hours, and total value by status
  6. Accounts Receivable and Total Loss statuses (columns)
  7. MSO Cycle Time Report
Contact us for information on Carbeat updates for your region.

Intuitive and effective production workflow dashboard

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At the heart of Carbeat is the powerful and intuitive production workflow dashboard.

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