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  1. How do I get started?
    Just talk to us today using the contact button to get the system installed in your shop
  2. Do I need to install and update hardware and software myself?
    No, we will set-up the hardware in your shop, after which no maintenance is required. The software is in the cloud and updated automatically. We will set it up so you may get started immediately
  3. Does the system require a lot of training?
    No, the entry of data and use of the system, is as easy as operating a simple smartphone; touch, swipe and drop. Everyone can do it and we will instruct your staff so they are working with the system in an hour
  4. Can I get help looking for improvement opportuninties in the reports?
    Of course you can count on us to support your shop to identify opportunities together if desired.

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Intuitive and effective production workflow dashboard

Take control of the pulse of your business

We offer a solution to help effectively manage the production workflow in your bodyshop. A seamless blend of services and hardware, consisting of the following:

  • Cloud-based for access anywhere
  • Visual, interactive production dashboard
  • Large, touchscreen display on your shop floor
  • Tracking and reports for your KPIs
  • Sync data from existing bodyshop and estimate management systems

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Bodyshop Production Dashboard

At the heart of Carbeat is the powerful and intuitive production workflow dashboard.

Efficient production is key to your business. So we built upon the tools of the past to bring you an innovative solution helping unlock your shop's potential.

  • Vehicle status at a glance
    View and update jobs right on the shop floor with a large touchscreen display.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
    Easily track and manage each vehicle with real-time updates.
  • Access anywhere
    Users can be in the paint booth, front office, or even on the road. The right information is a click away, no more walking the floor or chasing others down.
  • Fit to your current workflows
    Flexible options to customize the dashboard to your needs, our consultants will make sure it works for you from the start.

Proven performance benefits

Lower cycle times

Meet customer deadlines, increase satisfaction and CSI scores

Track progress

Measure quality and improvement planning outcomes

Reduce costs

Increase production, turnover, and profit margins