Improve shop performance

Carbeat enables employees to track every vehicle movement and provides real-time transparency of the shop's functioning. With Carbeat, bodyshop owners and managers can easily manage their business operations, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Carbeat has been tested in several bodyshops and has produced impressive results, improving communication about the status of the vehicles and de-stressing the environment for employees. It gives a genuine feeling of control in all bodyshop activities and considerably improves workflow efficiency. Efficient production is the heartbeat of profitable bodyshops, and Carbeat will keep everyone in sync by providing process information vital to efficient production.

Visual and Intuitive

Carbeat is a visual tool that helps technicians recognize the status of vehicles in the repair process instantly with the ability of using color coding and icons to provide more detail at a glance. Information can be filtered by work types, characteristics and tasks with the functionality of icons, technician, insurance company, and vehicles that need to be delivered on a particular day, and much more. Carbeat’s one-touch drag-and-drop capability is intuitive and easy to use, empowering employees to take responsibility and work collaboratively.

See what customers are saying

"Cycle time with Carbeat has decreased about three days."

Brian Martin
Director of Auto Collision
Lexus of North Miami

Real-Time Vehicle Status

Carbeat informs team leaders about which repairs need immediate attention, ensuring everyone is working on the right vehicle. It also helps technicians know if the right parts have arrived, preventing unnecessary vehicle movements. The system provides front office staff with the best time for a repair, saving up to 50% of valuable communication time. Furthermore, it shows managers areas of improvement, such as speeding up key-to-key time by 20% and improving visibility of the quality of interactions with insurers and car brands.

Customizable Integration

Carbeat’s system has the ability to be customized to your business process, so it can seamlessly integrate into the way your bodyshop does business. The software will be configured to your requirements to ensure that you can track workflow the way you and your employees want to.

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