Innovative visual reports

Data-driven insights through advanced reporting capabilities

Carbeat blends diverse information to visualize production flow and help you to solve inefficiencies.

  • Detailed and informative reports
    Including Departmental Cycle Time WIP, Improvement Analysis, Process Quality Dashboard, Repair Plan Accuracy, Multi Site Departmental Cycle Time, and many more.
  • Performance insights into your business
    Reduce cycle or key-to-key (K2K) times, lower costs, increase production, profits, and customer satisfaction.
  • Easy flow of information
    Manages data on cars, activities, parts, and materials to deliver detailed reports and find any delays or bottlenecks.
  • Robust, time-stamped data
    Tracks vehicle movement to create departmental cycle time reports, giving process visibility to easily identify improvement areas.

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Departmental Cycle Time

Compare historical average cycle times to identify process bottlenecks.

View the hours taken between each department and stage of repair to pinpoint any delays. Identify areas to improve in resources, skill sets, supplier issues, or estimate approval processes. Compare times before and after a change and see how it affects repair size and value.

WIP Actual

Analyze overall production workload capacity to improve planning.

See incoming, in production, and realized work to gain insights in your shop's workload and understand production capabilities. Set realistic sales targets, find outliers within your processes, and better plan future production workloads. Uncover any production capacity issues to support investment decisions.

Improvement Analysis

Analyze multiple datasets across different reports to identify improvements.

View the Make Model Analysis, Waiting Approval Analysis, Waiting Parts Analysis, Order Size Analysis, and Delivery Accuracy Analysis reports together. Get insights for the entire shop to help in areas like planning and booking, negotiations, ordering, deliveries, estimations, and many more. Improve your workflow efficiencies, communications, CSI scores, and profit margins.

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